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All Laptop Screen Repairs are done in a static safe environment with Professional tooling and equipment

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We will need to know what make of Laptop and the model as there are hundreds of types and sizes, and obviously the price varies.

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Normally its quite apparent that the screen is damaged. The screen is either shattered, or it looks like dye has leaked and is trapped between the layers of the screen.

Apple Mac Laptop Screen Repair

The most fragile and important part of the laptop is its display screen. You need to replace the display screen if there is damage on your laptop screen.  There is no repair available a replacement is required.

Laptop Screen Cracked

Replacing the LCD in your laptop takes expertise, and we have the talent in house to quickly remove your old, damaged LCD and replace it with a brand new one. The new LCD that we install is tested out and returned back to you, usually the next business day. 

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Display Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of pixels in each dimension that can be displayed on screen. The more pixels the better the picture quality.

For example, 1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution you would hope to achieve even on an old laptop. Ensure your laptop has the resolution settings you require and in this day and age, this also means ensuring the resolution is backwards compatible with any optical output devices you have such as projectors. It’s now a common occurrence for old school projectors to not work with newer laptops. Be safe not sorry and check!

Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio means the width of the screen compared to its height. A common aspect ratio is 4:3. If you are going to be watching movies on your laptop, I highly recommend you buy one with widescreen capability. Again it depends on your individual needs for the laptop. If you are a gamer you might find a widescreen laptop is just plain annoying in which case look at the standard aspect ratio.
Toshiba laptop Screen

A backlight is a type of illumination used on a LCD screen. This is usually the biggest drain on a laptops power and the type of backlighting technology used will impact how long your battery will last. It’s worth checking the technology used on your proposed laptop and its effect on the battery. Most laptops will allow you to change the brightness to reduce the drain. Additionally laptops use different methods and finishes to achieve anti-glare/reflective effects. The names vary but mostly they all do the same thing. The best thing to do is to view the screen in action (play a dark movie clip etc.) before making your decision.

Graphics Card

Ok so not technically the screen itself but a nonetheless vital component. The graphics card is the bit of hardware inside your laptop which generates the images and shows them on your screen. If you are going to be using your laptop for hardcore gaming or design, you may need to ensure it comes with a better graphics card than your average laptop. Additionally, not all laptops come with an additional video output port to connect projectors (especially some of the smaller notebooks) so make sure you have what you need before buying.

These are the main 5 things to consider when buying your laptop screen.

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Laptop LCD Screen Repair

We repair broken laptop screens for much less than most computer repair shops. We also repair black screen / no display, and video chip problems. We only use genuine original laptop screens.

No Display / Black Screen Repair

Your laptop powers on normally but you have a black screen or no display at all. You can get display to an external monitor but nothing on the laptop screen.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Store more music, pictures, and files with a new, larger capacity hard drive.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Slow laptop? Speed it up with a memory upgrade. Most laptops have an insufficient amount of memory installed. Increasing the amount of memory gives your laptop an instant performance boost.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), Start Up Problems

Your getting a blue screen showing errors or your laptop won't boot to Windows

Laptop Overheating, Running Hot

If your laptop is running hotter than normal and it shuts itself down.Your laptop overheating may result in severe or permanent damage to the CPU or your laptop's motherboard rendering the laptop totally dead.

Power Issues

Your laptop will not turn on. The battery will not charge. Unit powers on then shuts down.

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