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Ransom ware and Trojan RepairRansome ware and encrypted Files

Virus Repair Needed in Orlando

Not a case of just visiting the wrong site any longer. It can happen to anyone. From any site you may visit or download from.

We can safely and securely remove all Trojan Virus and Malware.

Encrypted Files Ransomeware

We respect your privacy and can do the work quickly and efficiently and in almost all cases your programs and  data will be exactly the same as it was prior to any infection you have.

Some Images of what you might see on your screen.

FBI Fake Virus

FBI Trojan

Virus Repair-Removal Orlando

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Fake Virus Repair. If you think you have been infected it is best to shut the system down and call us straight away. Using your system whilst infected can increase the risk of you data being stolen corrupted or even deleted.

Virus Removal Orlando

Computer Virus Removal Orlando

Call Us for assistance we can normally turn the system around within 24hrs. As we arrange a free pick up and delivery to and from our workshop in East Orlando

407 595 7846

All Prices Vary From $65.00 to anywhere up to $145.00

Average is $85.00

Solely depending on the type and damage caused the boot structure of the system and service damage it may have caused.

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We update and Repair the system clean and remove threats, that may compromise your identity and or personal details.


Call us we are really a friendly bunch

407 595 7846

Orlando Computer Repair

Virus Repair



Strange as it may sound, the computer virus is something of an Information Age marvel. On one hand, viruses show us how vulnerable our computers are, a properly engineered virus can have a devastating effect, disrupting productivity and doing billions of dollars in damages.